20-minute initial session to everyone to see if there are things we can help you with: $55. *(Fee will be applied to a Service once scheduled).

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Evolution is what we are. 


Why tantra, nude yoga, etc? Click here for a full explanation.




Energy is one of many ways to understand ourselves and our place in the Universe. Tantra is one of many ways to understand Energy. If you feel a calling towards this, do not second-guess yourself! The most important thing we can do is to explore all possibilities in the quest of self-discovery. Whether for a week, a year, or a lifetime, diving into unknowns is where the real mysteries of life are realized.

I am a Tantrik yogi/mystic and a shamanic master of energy. There are many ways to reach deeper levels of inner peace, and then to further the journey towards being our highest selves. Services are not limited to what is listed below. They can be tailored as needed. I have facilitated over 1,000 hours of shamanic/yogic work, not including thousands of hours as a military counselor and mentor. Holding space on multiple levels for nearly every demographic has been my life since the early 1990’s.


Shadow Work

I guide you through the deepest and scariest aspects of yourself through energy sessions, directed tasks, and routine checking in. Shadow work has an ending! But each person has a way of discovering that and completing the things that are set up for the journey. 

This isn't about thrill seeking, or dragging things on; it's about reaching your best Self and Life. 

We will do an initial 20-minute session to determine what is at hand (*See above for more details).

$120/hour for direct or energetic work. 

$555/month for one session per week plus limited check-ins

$700/month for one session per week plus frequent check-ins (Best and most lucrative for your journey)

You won't find more masterful companionship on this journey.


In-Person Energy Sessions

1 hour • $120

Partly based on what you're seeking, mostly guided: whatever your higher self calls for. We will make room in your energy fields to move you quickly forward in your journey. May become tantric. We will discuss this beforehand.

My training includes:

  • 2 massage schools in one year/700 hours plus 400 cumulative clinical hours.

  • Reiki I, II, III, and IV (Master and Teacher of Komyo Reiki Kai lineage)


Kundalini Journey

Duration and Price TBD

This is an ongoing relationship. We work over time into your Kundalini activation, and beyond. An intensive journey. This is the big kahuna: be ready to invest in you.

*Contact me directly to inquire: windwalkerauthor@gmail.com

  • My Kundalini self-activated in May 2012. I have been working directly with those energies daily since.


Tantric Yoga Online or In Person

1 hour 15 mins • $200

Video-based or in person fusion involving nude yogic breathing, postures, and energy channeling. Tantra = Weaving. We take you Home, towards liberation (Moksha in Sanskrit). Besides, it gets to be quite fun!

  • 2 Yoga Teacher Trainings under the Tantra/Kundalini Energies. Most of my knowledge is downloaded directly through the energies of Shiva/Shakti moment by moment as needed.


Distance Energy Session

1 hour • $120

30-minute energy session with 30-minute discussion after. Can range from simple relaxation to tantric activation. Your higher self guides the session.


In-Person Tantric Massage

1 hour 15 minutes • $200

We're taking you to the Sacred Fire. This is a journey of purification/liberation. Sensual touch mixed with activating the Energy Channels. Expect deep emotional releases mixed with connection to your Heart.