Reiki I:


This will possibly be your introduction to the Energy we are and share with all things. It's a one day class followed by 21 days of self-Reiki to dial in and understand how that plays into your life. Be prepared to discover things that you've not looked at directly until now, and how to begin to create new life patterns from these discoveries!


Reiki II:


Upon completion of your 21-day self-Reiki journey, we can now teach you to share that with others both in person and at a distance. You will have gained enough momentum from Reiki I to make this understandable and so much more. 


Reiki Master:


You've spent a wealth of time understanding Reiki, Energy, and other Universal truths by now. You're ready to gain the next step of my lineages and the attunement to accompany. Not quite a teacher, but ready to expand your Energy access. What you don't know will surprise you.


Reiki Teacher:


Not everyone feels called to teach and to pass along attunements. This attunement gives you full access to my lineage and will unquestionably open other portals for you, even if you've achieved similar attunements from others.