What is an Awakening?

For years I’ve been in the energy of the Awakening. For even more years, this thing called Awakening has been a part of the human experience. The most popular figures, in order, have been Krishna, Buddha, then Christ. Of course, there were many before them and have been many since.

Some of us may not have even understood this much!

Many of us have, in a multitude of ways. In 2013, I was a couple of fierce years into my own, spurred on only by Universal Timing: I was not aware of nor cognitively seeking this journey. So I wrote my book, Follies of an Awakening Fool, to share what I at that juncture understood Awakening, Kundalini, Mysticism, Enlightenment, Ascension, and other metaphysical phenomena to be.

I am sharing this message to synergize a few points that each of us can turn to within to see where we are in our own Awakening journey; to be clear, we all are in this journey.

If you read or have read my book, you will find that there are several factors that we can all relate to in our lives and understanding of the world. But in Universal understanding, I was only scratching the surface. And so are many more in the journey. I’m laying out a few things that are common, but also commonly disguised as Universal knowledge while not being anything more than a different perspective of the ego in a clever way to trick itself into “higher” wisdom.

  • Conspiracy theories: Hidden governmental/political agendas to hide information - as in, the “Illumnati”.

  • Money is evil.

  • We’ve been lied to all along; this reality is an Illusion. The Matrix (yes, Illusion. No, not a dramatic war).

  • Spiritual Hierarchies: some of us are wiser and older souls and therefore need to be listened to in order to advance civilization.

  • The sky is falling/we are heading to an Apocalypse.

  • We can be in the 5th Dimension while still filled with anger, entitlement, egoic desires - all disguised as self hate, need for external validation, and telling others what not to do in order to make the world a better place.

  • Some of us are Ascended Masters while others are not; People, animals, the planet in general need us to save it/them.

That is about the extent of the realms I purged in Follies. And that is about the extent every spiritual person I’ve met has reached. Sincerely, this version of “awakening” is indeed a launch from one paradigm into a new for many of us! It’s a powerful elixir to awaken one day and feel tossed into a new understanding that we never allowed ourselves to notice.

So it would be impossible to merely tell this persona how there is more, and how that really isn’t an awakening. Yes, it is jet fuel for more. But the more must come from somewhere different. That list is still mental, though a massive overturning of energies can indeed be effected through the mental planes.

An Awakening of the Cosmic wisdom, however, is almost 180-degrees from each of those items. In fact, a Cosmic Awakening is far more stealthy, like carbon monoxide. It cannot be detected through our 5 senses: thus, supernatural. Metaphysical. A true Cosmic Awakening will rock the core DNA of our sensory experience and start to recalibrate our entire perception of what is and what is not into a very visceral reality.

It’s cutesy to involve ourselves in standing for some kind of change. Very human, indeed. And we are here to be human, no? So why not stand for things to make a change so we can all inhabit this world together? Sure - except there will never be a consensus. Acceptable world ideologies are mere constructs of conditioning.

Tantra Cobra.jpg

A Cosmic Awakening is an entire rewiring of the brain and its overutilized lower needs and wants. This higher awakening is still, in fact, very physiological. It takes us into our higher cortexes. Everything metaphysical is actually quite attainable through our physical allowances, all designed to handle what spirituality calls “higher self”, or “higher frequencies”. It is all contained within our unique human body - no matter what physical attributes we have or do not have.

So, when I talk Awakening I am not talking about the long and boring route to some unseen liberation point 100’s of years away. I am talking about the accession of this Self within moments. And I have proof through my own journey and through holding various sessions for hundreds, or more, people about how literally life-changing and paradigm shifting a Cosmic Awakening is.

Mormon? Atheist? Spiritual? Christian? Muslim? Hindu? Buddhist? Capitalist? Communal?

What I am talking about has no denomination, nor any concern of changing one’s views - only of shifting the way in which we live the realities we wish to. And it TRULY changes the way we operate within our world, which is the most direct approach to “fixing” the world…to “saving” it.

Wherever we are in our journey, there is always more. The only inhibitor? Fear of being wrong. Fear of being not seen for what we feel we’ve amassed in our life experience. Fear of this or that. So the only thing we have to give up to gain a Cosmic Awakening? Ego…the part of us that decides to view the world as we currently do, in order to understand things as they really are.

And then? We can still be what we wish! It will just become cleaner: because we will less and less be telling others what to do and what not to do, which is the largest distraction to our own growth. When we see what we do not like in the world, we cannot move beyond it. We are stuck like a deer in headlights.

So let me share with you that you can move forward. How? You have to come to One who has gone further. Me? Maybe. But do not be deceived by your ego and its desires for the world to look a certain way: That is a misnomer. It will not change to fit your egoic wants. It will only become what It is to be - you and I are just mere participants. When we agree to surrender our hopes, that’s when the All can enter. And only then.

And that knowledge is a long journey from Follies of an Awakening Fool. Yet, Follies set the stage for the knowledge. It's so intricate 🔥 

In Love