Self Love

Playing with Intolerance

I have a deep intolerance - and it is only one intolerance that I carry: for intolerance itself. That’s funny, right? It is, and I readily own and accept that even in intolerance I have an intolerance for myself!

But I’ll explain this.

My intolerance is not for a human, or a group of humans. It is for the act of intolerance itself. The energy of stupidity that we can operate from in this illusory form is absurdity at its finest, and we can all point outward towards examples in others to agree.

YET - I haven’t met the Enlightened One who will point that finger right where it belongs: within. And so we carry on, telling the world it should do this and shouldn’t do that, yet not a single recognition that what we are telling the world to eradicate lies within our very own temple…that to stop seeing it in the world, we must actually see that change within.

Isn’t that the definition of insanity, my friend? And YOU are as guilty as I or any other. Yes, even the Dalai Lama.

Because Enlightenment is the full realization that nothing in the world needs to change. And truly, not a single thing in the world does need to change for me to be supremely happy; to be supremely Me. In this, I find my own intolerance of intolerance delightfully annoying.

I cannot fix a thing in the world, and the more of the Universe I recall within, the more I realize on visceral levels that I am but an amateur in this human form. True, my knowledge is Supreme and far more vast than any I’ve yet encountered - but that may be more to my demise than to my aid.

Because ignorance in many ways is more blissful than TRUE Knowledge. Because TRUE Knowledge advises us that nothing will change, and if we wish to be more and more blissful it is only Us who needs to seek to change. That’s pretty fucked, isn’t it?

So while the spiritual pricks - of which you likely are one - will tell me how enlightened they/You are, and how much I am in my ego and know nothing of Truth, I have the Truth and am left to sit and lovingly embrace you in your full ignorance. You will tell me how I need to change, and the meat-eaters need to change, and the peace hippies need to change…and how you have all the answers.

And here I Am - Truth incarnate. Here to listen to you spout off about your self-proclaimed enlightenment and so-called AWAKE state. As if either can really exist! You are the joke!

Do you know what Enlightenment really is? Do you, truly? Tell me, enlighten me, let me know how awesome you are and how you are the only one. I will listen. I will hear how you personally held space for someone who thought they knew something but it was you and your fear/anger-based reality that actually knew better. Yes, how could I have not seen You, the One!

If I had one message to the world it would be that you are just a human seeking externally for validation that you will never find, because you seek to do no work on yourself because you have already realized your awesomeness; and I will watch as you ridicule every person who cannot see you.

Yet, cannot this also apply to me? Cannot you also point this very message to me and try to hold me accountable for my words? Absolutely!

There are many ways to experience the God Self, the very seed of All within our own inner world. The most direct is to be able to look around and see what is being reflected to us in our daily lives; in our moment-by-moment experiences. If we love what we see at each moment, we likely have found a deep inner peace. If we are intolerant at even one thing, let alone many things, then it is we who need to look within. Because each moment can look exactly the same but totally different depending upon our internal lenses.

So when I address this, I see that I am not even intolerant. Intolerance suggests that I cannot live with what I see or experience. And I can, with the most mundane and hateful of energies. Why? Because my Self Love is supreme. Which means my Love for all is equally Supreme. And therefore I AM All. Including the Energies of intolerance, which only serve to ignite my Fire further for Self Knowing…which is actually Self Unknowing. But you would know this if you really were The One, wouldn’t you?

Yo Shiva

I just came across something I'd shared one year ago this week. I was a few short weeks into a fiery hiatus from the transcendental world I'd fallen deeply into; I was feeling very "human" again.

This is something to share because there is a multi-layered "reality" in our Universe that captures even the most cunning of minds: a "reality" of Illusion. 

I needed to break from my floating outside the physical human game in order to dive back in and discover what I'd been missing in the ability to communicate... To bridge the gap of communication between "Heaven" and Earth. 

We have a tendency to pick one or the other, and almost always purport that we are where we actually are not. 

At the time my approach was pure solar: direct Light shined into one who would come seeking more within. The journey since has revealed an uncovered realm of grieving and Emotionality that I'd not realized in my own Inner work. 

Now, one year later, a more lunar Connection is open in my essence. I can relate to human fears and Emotions like never before. Yet, people still receive the exact same Energy from being near "Me".

The transitions from my own human self into the Divine Self have been rigorous and filled with dramas, traumas, and unfulfilled dreams. As much as any, I've felt hard failures and repeated frustrations. Yet, the Way through has taken over and each perceived dead-end now is a portal to a newer version of "Me". 

Many try to emulate but really why? That's just setting ourselves up for an even harder blow to the ego. 

It's impossible to bypass the journey. In our times, there is only evolution of the ego. And if you're in my Presence, that ego is going to take a beating - even if all I do is smile at you.

Read below if you feel called. And remember that we all cross each other's paths at the right time for specific reasons. What we do with our intersection remains choice - for now.

From an anonymous person I've helped over the years - and she me, of course. Addressed "Yo Shiva". It came on the same day another person addressed me the same way under similar circumstances. I get it. It's hard to have "you" destructed. I get it.

"So here's a realization I had today. I think you must get a LOT of people projecting their shit onto you. These people include me at times. You mirror something that is and uncontrolled, that it can freak people out. And I know that just by being you, you really change people's lives. It's like seeing someone who pushes boundaries makes people think, "I can do that too." Even though I consider you my friend more than my teacher now, you are still a teacher to me, just by being you. There always comes a time, after the feeling of resistance, that I finally understand, and then I just feel really really grateful. I understand now why you're so clear and unapologetic about your unattachedness to the opinions/encouragement/discouragement etc of others, because you have to be! You play an intense mirror role and get a lot of noise for it. But of course you can handle it.

Thanks for being you, Wind. Seriously. I owe you one 🙏🏼 Which I can only return by being totally me! Which I'm working on. Getting there 😊"


Do You Know How Magical You Are?

“Hey, look up
Don't make a shadow of yourself
Always shutting out the light
Caught in your own creation”

~Florence and the Machine - ‘Third Eye’

I’ve been studying Magic since the moment I was born. To be more truthful would be to say “since before incarnation”, but that would confuse a majority of the population even more than “since the moment I was born”.

It isn’t that I was aware of this program of study all along; we aren’t taught in traditional education the ways of the Universe. Since just before this year - 2018 - started, I’ve been on the course of remembering…and that has helped me see how much actual magic is in play in our structure.

The straight to the point of it is that magic is what we are - what the “world” and the “universe” are made of. So to be a magician is to be masterful with that knowledge. Maybe we think of David Copperfield or other common celebrity magicians, but what they work with is sleight of hand: I am talking about the Real Magic - the Magic that requires nothing but Presence in order to perform what most consider supernatural events.

These supernatural acts run the course from everyday manifestation to more mythical events such as levitation, telekinesis, telepathy, and so forth. And to perform these requires a different set of values and tools: Kindness, Purity of Heart, Self-Love, Enlightenment…all the things of the real Masters - Krishna, Buddha, Christ, etc.

The thing is that this entire perception we call the world and the universe is made up of projections. The closer we get to the True Heart, the more we watch the solidity of matter dissolve; Time and Space collapse into what may at first feel like Illusion but proves to be the opposite - Time and Space are, in fact, the Illusion. So is matter.

So to master Real Magic, we must first master ourselves. Otherwise we are continuing to spin a web of separation, duality, and all the paradigms that make up the world as most continue to believe in as truth.

The trick of mastering ourselves is to first find our way out of the Illusion; out of the trap. Then we have to experientially work our entire system - which is nothing more than a computer data bank filled with programmed stories - out of the Illusion. While we may have an Awakening begin, the Ascension process is to systematically pull ourselves from the Dream and the drama that are so heavily woven around and within that the mere task of self-removal is inherently like swimming upstream.

Which would lead most minds to ask: Why would anyone want to do that, when to do so would truly be seen as absurd…crazy…insane? To which the answer is simple: insanity is the act of remaining in the dream…in the drama.

I have been spending the past several months working a “real job”, surrounded by “real workers”, and having my body/mind/spirit experience the “real struggle” of a minimum wage job filled with all the usual dramas associated with that world. There is nothing about my physical experience with this undertaking that finds long-term joy from doing so.

And yet, it’s poetic! This endeavor has taught me that there is a very stark difference between choosing a magical reality and being a victim to the magic of others…of the world.

In short, the keys to Being Magic are within our very hands at all times. We only need to allow, to learn Presence, to Believe in ourselves, to be Kind, and to do no harm. Really, the 10 Commandments aren’t useless when applied to the concept of becoming our God Selves…mostly. It all depends on application.

What is funny about the whole thing is, well, all of it. But more specifically is that we are already magic. We’ve always been. The largest magical act we can perform, however, is that of transcendence. Because once we find that portal from the madness of the Illusion, everything becomes our oyster. And we don’t need sleight of hand - the things we become capable of make those magicians look like amateurs and posers.

Is there a responsibility in this True Knowledge? Why don’t you come along and join me and we will talk about it along the way. How do you begin? Contact me for a session…or better yet, a journey of discovery. Click here to begin. Does that sound like Kool-Aid to you? That is your call. But you’ll never know until you try.

Talk to you soon.

In Love

Wind/Melmin the Sorcerer