The # ONE Killer of Ego; And the Award Goes to...



Can you believe it…is it really possible that Joy and Play are the conjoined twins of the death of Ego?

It’s not as black and white as that, necessarily. Yet the truth is actually as fundamental as being joyful and playful; this little concoction from the RIGHT Energy within creates the deadliest weapons against the threats of the world, down to our spat with our neighbors.

I won’t walk us through the long journey of what is play, what is not play, and how is play/joy accomplished in a way to crush the ego and be set free. Why would I do that, when I know that the very plague of the mind is thinking? Because thoughts are formed from mostly conditioning, and we all have different barometers for our life stories as we experience them at this moment and all moments.

But I’ll challenge you at this very juncture to look back at one time when you’ve noticed that doing something so blissful evaporated the need to think. Or to recall when sharing a laugh or cry with anyone reset the climate to kindness and compassion. It’s not too hard to notice how Ego, that ever-present nemesis of being aligned with anyone…everyone…took a back seat to the presence of just being happy. Or even just Being.

If you’re having a hard time recalling this kind of moment, perhaps you’ve decided to undertake a life of pure drama. And that is changeable for us all, I assure you. Don’t believe me? Turn to a TED Talk or two.

Further, I then wrote a book of my own dramas - Follies of an Awakening Fool - in 2013 as I was purging my old stories. For some, a lot of awakening took place just from reading this candid journey of awakening. For others, there lies the knowledge that there was so much more to be understood, and are awaiting the sequel.

Except that I am LIVING the sequel.

The joy and the play are not easy for us to achieve, on levels that set Ego ablaze! The closest we have to that reality is in our early childhood, and even then many of us have had that hope crushed right from the gate.

But that’s not what we came to live in as permanent stories! We did, however, come to experience them. And to grow through them…to find our way back to bliss, joy, and play!

In this dawning of the new era, none of us came to be stuck in suffering old world ways. Not one of us. We have now realized that we have choice in every aspect of our lives, and that is a Universal Consciousness shared into all of our DNA…our cosmic wiring. Thus, play and joy are not just optional now; they are expected!

The only catch is that it is choice. Which means not a single energy is going to come from the sky and fix our inner happiness. It is an inside job. Nobody will give us the definitive permission slip to stop hiding from ourselves; only we alone can free our minds, yes? It’s not just a prophetic message for the future. It is for the NOW.

That said, you gotta start trusting someone or some thing if you’re going to set yourself free. And why not start now? If even in one instance today you allow yourself to choose joy over pain, anger, fear, hate, suffering..even to find it joyful to be able to feel those mindsets…BOOM. A powerful elixir of empowerment sets in!

If you take that to the egoic level, well you didn’t find the joy or play that is transformative yet. But it is there. Trust. And it’s yours to be had.

In Love


Yo Shiva

I just came across something I'd shared one year ago this week. I was a few short weeks into a fiery hiatus from the transcendental world I'd fallen deeply into; I was feeling very "human" again.

This is something to share because there is a multi-layered "reality" in our Universe that captures even the most cunning of minds: a "reality" of Illusion. 

I needed to break from my floating outside the physical human game in order to dive back in and discover what I'd been missing in the ability to communicate... To bridge the gap of communication between "Heaven" and Earth. 

We have a tendency to pick one or the other, and almost always purport that we are where we actually are not. 

At the time my approach was pure solar: direct Light shined into one who would come seeking more within. The journey since has revealed an uncovered realm of grieving and Emotionality that I'd not realized in my own Inner work. 

Now, one year later, a more lunar Connection is open in my essence. I can relate to human fears and Emotions like never before. Yet, people still receive the exact same Energy from being near "Me".

The transitions from my own human self into the Divine Self have been rigorous and filled with dramas, traumas, and unfulfilled dreams. As much as any, I've felt hard failures and repeated frustrations. Yet, the Way through has taken over and each perceived dead-end now is a portal to a newer version of "Me". 

Many try to emulate but really why? That's just setting ourselves up for an even harder blow to the ego. 

It's impossible to bypass the journey. In our times, there is only evolution of the ego. And if you're in my Presence, that ego is going to take a beating - even if all I do is smile at you.

Read below if you feel called. And remember that we all cross each other's paths at the right time for specific reasons. What we do with our intersection remains choice - for now.

From an anonymous person I've helped over the years - and she me, of course. Addressed "Yo Shiva". It came on the same day another person addressed me the same way under similar circumstances. I get it. It's hard to have "you" destructed. I get it.

"So here's a realization I had today. I think you must get a LOT of people projecting their shit onto you. These people include me at times. You mirror something that is and uncontrolled, that it can freak people out. And I know that just by being you, you really change people's lives. It's like seeing someone who pushes boundaries makes people think, "I can do that too." Even though I consider you my friend more than my teacher now, you are still a teacher to me, just by being you. There always comes a time, after the feeling of resistance, that I finally understand, and then I just feel really really grateful. I understand now why you're so clear and unapologetic about your unattachedness to the opinions/encouragement/discouragement etc of others, because you have to be! You play an intense mirror role and get a lot of noise for it. But of course you can handle it.

Thanks for being you, Wind. Seriously. I owe you one 🙏🏼 Which I can only return by being totally me! Which I'm working on. Getting there 😊"


Why Tantra? Why These Activating Services?

I asked Osho's Book of Secrets to guide me to what I can share about "Why Tantra?" "Why Wind?" And "Why nude anything?"

The answer came immediately, directing me to pages 617 and 618, where Osho describes two types of people and two types of mystics: those who say it's important to change the world, and those who say it's important to change oneself.

In my journey post-Navy, my graduate studies urged me to do the former, which led me to tell the faculty and my peers that real change occurs in the latter...which led me to my being uninvited to continue my studies.

The next few years became the journey of changing myself, itself an impossibility. I returned to the natural state of enlightenment in various stages, then to the Heart Center taught by the Masters...then was kicked back into the world to play and find the joy that is forsaken by most systems of seeking!

The hardest part of my path, then, has been to discuss what play and Joy mean, especially since pursuits of higher consciousness lead us further away from these most fundamental reasons for living.

Osho goes on to say that in Tantra there is no need to change anyone or anything; neither the world nor yourself. That is the deepest core of mysticism, he shares: we need to change nothing. We just need to know that everything is already changing in the world - in Energy - and that we need to just float in the change, relax in the change.

I've not yet read beyond chapter one of Book of Secrets because my path is discovering first, then coming, inadvertently, to what's been shared that fits my discoveries. Before this blog post, I'd not yet come across the Osho words I've just shared, and yet I already, through my journey, know this Truth as Tantra.

I want you to find your deepest levels of Peace and Energetic resonance, and I know how these change every thread of your living. Your deepest Self Care lies in relaxing: finding nothing to do but to enjoy your life. Because my Love lies in helping you reset to Your frequency, bringing you to the purest sense of Self that is possible.

This is done through awakening your sense of freedom...of liberation...of letting go. The means I employ - nude yogic sessions, etc - are pure and direct. They take you straight to the core so that you can bypass years of searching for what's already there in you. 

I've been gifted the life of Wandering since my departure from the miseducational system. Though I know the very human excitement that can come from pursuing human knowledge, I know that even more to the core is the desire to know Self.


Only about 20% is sexual, as the human understands sexuality. The rest? Life-changing Energy shifts. This is why Tantra, and why my methods - which really are not my methods. They are Us. Through Tantra, everything realigns. 

If your only life goal is to find Inner peace, for example, then by the natural law of attraction you are going to spend your life in pursuit of inner peace, then creating your world in a way that presumes non-peace as the foundation. You will not notice how peace is already your natural state: you are in the story line that Peace is a hard-earned destination, thus making peace the unattainable carrot at the end of the stick.

Tantra just Is. In fact, Tantra lies outside of all pursuit. Nothing is attained through Tantra - a double-entendre. Nothingness is Tantra. Tantra is our natural, perfect, blissful state: the state forgotten in our quest for a blissful state! Therefore to be in Tantric Bliss is to be in a perfect, ecstatic state of nothingness. Again - nothing is attained through Tantra. You instead become everything by returning to nothing.

In that state we are perfectly vulnerable but supremely safe. We are naked emotionally, physically, mentally, as in our birth into the physical world. Here we are perfect. Born - the difference being that now we are older and can connect to that knowing in multifaceted ways.

So the methods of returning "Home" are inherently naked, vulnerable, and activating to all the physical senses as a way of engaging our liberation of them through direct connection to our Cosmic sensory Selves. This is Tantra. This is Home.