Solstice Intention Setting: Did You Do Yours?

It is the solstice today, June 22 actually but June 21 in the western world. I am in Bali, and in the winter solstice. However back “home” in the U.S. it is the summer solstice. Since I had my winter solstice in December while in the U.S., I maintain my knowledge of the illusion by saying it really doesn’t matter where we are or when; we are all places and times once we allow that knowledge.

Today is the first real intention setting I’ve done on a solstice. While I have done a few in the past, I am for the first time committing my mind to the focus and directionality of this intention setting. Why?

A few days ago my morning meditation told me - in such a gentle flow that I had to really feel my way through whether it was my mind or a deeper Truth - to prepare to go to Austria following my time in Bali and finally plant my physical roots. That’s big, for someone like myself who has, while not being wanderlust, never been able to settle anywhere in the world since I was born.

Austria Crystal Worlds.jpg

How many of you are intention-setters? And of you who are, do you find your intentions to play out?

For me, I have been learning the past year and a half a lot about my own manifestations. Not just the ones I knowingly have set, but the less desirable ones: the hatred, the loathing, the this and that not going my way kind of intentions. We all do them and hardly any of us are fully aware of what we are calling in from moment to moment.

I’ve been seeing how my entire life I called in illness to draw attention to something inside that I wasn’t voicing. Or the relationships I called in to further suppress that voice. The headaches, the irritable bowel syndrome, the self-sabotage anytime I’ve neared a potentially awesome manifestation. All of it, always controlled by me.

That list can go on, but you can start to use that little bit and look more closely at your own woes with some enlightenment if you are willing to accept that you have always been and will always be the sole creator of your own demise. YES, including the traumatic experiences and especially the choices you’ve made on how you process (or do not) these stories. And make no mistake, they are stories. Sure, often they have happened. But there is a lot of information awaiting the one who will slow time down in the old traumas and really be honest about what was actually happening.

For the entire month of June I have been ill; totally shut down and in a way that I’ve never felt. And I have had some nasty sick periods, as recent as 1 1/2 years ago for a long-overdue grieving of my entire life. So much came from this illness, alone in strange Bali, that it will take months or years to fully download all the information. So as my upswing back to being able to function occurred it was something to experience so almost stealthily the call to Austria.

Wow, and it made total sense! All the roads since I left the U.S. late January to India have been putting this small Alpine country on my radar. But I am still in wonder as to why it isn’t a few other places. Russia? Bali? Virginia, like I was told during my grieving period late 2017? Even India, like I had seen in 2015? But who thinks of building a community in Austria!?

Maybe that is the point. I could list a really long set of obvious signs here now that I have allowed it to be truth within. Like, it has always been there! And each day I share space in my head for “really? HOW?” and “yeah totally, I feel this as so much Truth”.

Mostly I am relieved that I can finally put to action this stupid vision I was given a year before my Awakening would be noticeably taking place: of building a community that is replicable with farming, co-living, etc. Of course these exist and many are feeling called to do the same…and like me, most don’t know from where this calling comes!

I did not know of these places though when I wrote about building one in my final project for my Bachelor’s degree in early 2010. That was just some random thought that I put to paper and it left even the professor confused.

Here the calling is finally coming to fruition and I feel daunted. But excited. It literally encompasses a lifetime’s worth of intention settings, down to extremely almost unnoticeable thoughts and ideologies I’ve carried since I was very little. So really, did I need to do an intention setting today?

Maybe only so that I remember what I am doing and why. Otherwise, Bali offers a nice way to spend my military retirement. And that could suck me in. Nah…the Universe always ensures I follow orders or else shit gets weird.

What intentions are you working with that you even have to stop and pay attention on a very micro scale for? Let’s share. Because maybe we will end up cocreating. I will say this: “My” community is all-inclusive. And likely for the people with empowerment and wealth. Because while I have enjoyed getting into my hippie self over the years, I am not here to eschew financial abundance nor to rule out someone because they vote one way or another or choose one religious denomination or another. My world is diverse and inclusive.

What is yours?