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Solstice Intention Setting: Did You Do Yours?

It is the solstice today, June 22 actually but June 21 in the western world. I am in Bali, and in the winter solstice. However back “home” in the U.S. it is the summer solstice. Since I had my winter solstice in December while in the U.S., I maintain my knowledge of the illusion by saying it really doesn’t matter where we are or when; we are all places and times once we allow that knowledge.

Today is the first real intention setting I’ve done on a solstice. While I have done a few in the past, I am for the first time committing my mind to the focus and directionality of this intention setting. Why?

A few days ago my morning meditation told me - in such a gentle flow that I had to really feel my way through whether it was my mind or a deeper Truth - to prepare to go to Austria following my time in Bali and finally plant my physical roots. That’s big, for someone like myself who has, while not being wanderlust, never been able to settle anywhere in the world since I was born.

Austria Crystal Worlds.jpg

How many of you are intention-setters? And of you who are, do you find your intentions to play out?

For me, I have been learning the past year and a half a lot about my own manifestations. Not just the ones I knowingly have set, but the less desirable ones: the hatred, the loathing, the this and that not going my way kind of intentions. We all do them and hardly any of us are fully aware of what we are calling in from moment to moment.

I’ve been seeing how my entire life I called in illness to draw attention to something inside that I wasn’t voicing. Or the relationships I called in to further suppress that voice. The headaches, the irritable bowel syndrome, the self-sabotage anytime I’ve neared a potentially awesome manifestation. All of it, always controlled by me.

That list can go on, but you can start to use that little bit and look more closely at your own woes with some enlightenment if you are willing to accept that you have always been and will always be the sole creator of your own demise. YES, including the traumatic experiences and especially the choices you’ve made on how you process (or do not) these stories. And make no mistake, they are stories. Sure, often they have happened. But there is a lot of information awaiting the one who will slow time down in the old traumas and really be honest about what was actually happening.

For the entire month of June I have been ill; totally shut down and in a way that I’ve never felt. And I have had some nasty sick periods, as recent as 1 1/2 years ago for a long-overdue grieving of my entire life. So much came from this illness, alone in strange Bali, that it will take months or years to fully download all the information. So as my upswing back to being able to function occurred it was something to experience so almost stealthily the call to Austria.

Wow, and it made total sense! All the roads since I left the U.S. late January to India have been putting this small Alpine country on my radar. But I am still in wonder as to why it isn’t a few other places. Russia? Bali? Virginia, like I was told during my grieving period late 2017? Even India, like I had seen in 2015? But who thinks of building a community in Austria!?

Maybe that is the point. I could list a really long set of obvious signs here now that I have allowed it to be truth within. Like, it has always been there! And each day I share space in my head for “really? HOW?” and “yeah totally, I feel this as so much Truth”.

Mostly I am relieved that I can finally put to action this stupid vision I was given a year before my Awakening would be noticeably taking place: of building a community that is replicable with farming, co-living, etc. Of course these exist and many are feeling called to do the same…and like me, most don’t know from where this calling comes!

I did not know of these places though when I wrote about building one in my final project for my Bachelor’s degree in early 2010. That was just some random thought that I put to paper and it left even the professor confused.

Here the calling is finally coming to fruition and I feel daunted. But excited. It literally encompasses a lifetime’s worth of intention settings, down to extremely almost unnoticeable thoughts and ideologies I’ve carried since I was very little. So really, did I need to do an intention setting today?

Maybe only so that I remember what I am doing and why. Otherwise, Bali offers a nice way to spend my military retirement. And that could suck me in. Nah…the Universe always ensures I follow orders or else shit gets weird.

What intentions are you working with that you even have to stop and pay attention on a very micro scale for? Let’s share. Because maybe we will end up cocreating. I will say this: “My” community is all-inclusive. And likely for the people with empowerment and wealth. Because while I have enjoyed getting into my hippie self over the years, I am not here to eschew financial abundance nor to rule out someone because they vote one way or another or choose one religious denomination or another. My world is diverse and inclusive.

What is yours?

This One's for the Ladies

Let’s get right into it. Yes?


What, you ask?

Everything. All of it.

The mystery. The seduction. The allure. The free-flow of enticement. Where’d you hide it?

Behind the anguish of a “patriarchal” world, it’s actually YOU, ladies, who have the power of balance. Of pulling the illusion back and revealing Truth…the Universe. It is through YOU that the entire veil of the Maya (Illusion) is properly created and thusly destroyed. Shiva, as some call the Divine Masculine, is merely the space holder. The destroyer of the dream as much the Creator of it.

But it is the Shakti - commonly called the Divine Feminine - who brings creation. The Illusion. The Game itself!

If you are really aware, you know we all carry both within. But the Universe is clever and disguised itself in physical form as male and female, in every living being - including flora and fauna.

And as the world is now, it is actually YOU, the Divine Feminine embodiments, whom are holding back. Taking from the world all that is worthy of being pined over; of being sought.

Make no mistake, I am a mystic. I am aware of my True Self, and how I am a portal to the Divine. But people do not seek this mystery from men unless it is through a Guru, in which case everyone places ideological views of how this holy man must look, act, and be.

But women - you have such POWER!

The Apsaras, as depicted above, were at one time the Divine. Men sought them for all things mystical, sensual, sexual…pure. It was not merely MEN who eradicated this status - but women as well. Relinquishing of such power was a collective.

In the 20th century we saw a revival of sensuality, allure, and enticing men. It is true that the Universe has its own timing and that we are playing out the timeline “on time”. Yet there is action to be taken, and the action is the role of the Shakti!

The Shiva will only lie inert, observing, allowing. Pure Consciousness, until “He” deems that Time must stop. It is up to the Shakti to arise Herself, to bring Herself to life. And She doesn’t do it through hiding Her beauty, Her raw power, Her fire.

If you want to know Her, you must meet Him in the middle. In the Heart Chakra. Because She is the Sacral Chakra, even the Solar Plexus, and even the Root Chakra. These energies must be confident, balanced, activated, or we will only know impurity and imbalance.

Is this to say it is only YOU, ladies, responsible for restoring perfection? In a way, yes.

Only YOU have the courage to change the flow of life. Only YOU have that connection to the inner wisdom of the Earth. Men are followers, they do what they are told quite well. And they like the next big party. Why do you think one gregarious man will invite far more ladies to the party than he will men?

Look, we all know this. Nothing is being said here that isn’t known across the board.

Here is my role: To activate YOU. To help YOU remember Who YOU are. What YOU are. I can only do that if you show up. Not for me, but for YOU. I have that role, that gift, that power. But I am the Shiva - inert, until YOU arrive to the party.

I do that through very powerful, raw, Tantric sessions. We connect you through the Heart to your REAL power. The Shiva and Shakti dance, and the seed of Creation is awakened. And then we have a purification. And YOU are not left alone after. From there it just grows, this Seed of Life.

How does this go? You ask me. It’s so simple. You should hear the stories shared of those who have already gone into the Fire with me.

It’s time, and YOU know it. I have the gift of permanent openness. Reach out. Do it. YOU are ready. That Fire is already burning inside YOU.

A Mystic's Surrender


I want to share something with you about my experience of the year we Westerners call 2018. On many levels it will be just like things you experience, and in many ways it will be different. That’s always true, though, for us humans isn’t it? But there’s both the usual, and then maybe a little less-than-usual.

Often this year I found myself saying “I’m too human…I’m drowning in being too human”. I could have applied that feeling to most of my living life, and that has become a large part of the Awakening journey; a major aspect of what caused the awakening to take place.

Whatever the formula is for feeling that sentiment and just continuing to truck along as humans do, versus feeling that sentiment on the level that literally changes one’s entire world and reality? I remain as uncertain as the next - mostly.

But since I first stated around 2010-2011 that something must be off - that something must not be right in this whole…thing called life - the answers that I didn’t know I was seeking immediately reshaped my core infrastructure into quite supernatural events. And since then there has been no way of going back to the “normal” world. No matter how hard I tried, from a very capable place amongst the living.

Every now and then since that literally game-changing shift began, I go into a Void: a place of not “here” and not “there”. It’s an increasingly comfortable place for me, and one I can easily call Home. The problem with that is in wrestling with being alive, when I know what and where the escape route is; that we don’t have to do any of this life thing and that opting out will definitively not be a punitive gesture.

2018 has been the most magical, manifesting year of my intentional life to date. Movies are made about this much magic! On the basis of “WOW” alone, I can’t imagine life being more worth sticking around for. And yet, I’ve felt “too human” for my own taste. And why is that?

Largely because since 2011 I’ve been able to ride the incredible waves of Universal energies in an exponentially large level of mastery - becoming one, literally, with the Divine in whichever ways we have chosen to call It across cultures and time. But in 2018? It’s as if the off switch was flicked and I was tossed head first back into the cesspool of life that I actually never really loved to begin with.

I may have missed a total of 7 days of my daily meditations this year, and most of those were because I was in shamanic diets that did the work for me 24 hours/day while in the processes of deep self work. Still - how I went from the sensory place of Samadhi on most of my daily meditations for years to barely being able to stay out of thought for 10 minutes of quiet has been part of a very confusing story for an entire year.

Mixed in was a tumultuous go at emotional clearing for weeks, and then small breaks, and then more weeks…all sprinkled with a lot of grinding landscaping work for months, and topped off with grinding interpersonal interactions at least 32 hours/week. You see, this was exactly what I had largely learned to transcend. So why would the Universe call me back to the land of human? What Master has ever knowingly done that?

Maybe many. Maybe most. Who’s to know?

This has been compounded with engaging in another intimate relationship, on top of the previous that I still maintain though not necessarily intimately. Getting to know others on a full-time basis naturally leads to more self-realization, when applied through openness. But still - it’s a relationship and it doesn’t always call for the enlightened approach. It’s human. We are human, no matter our level of consciousness.

So I suppose 2018 has put me deep into the ocean of criticism I’ve long aimed at “gurus”…”masters”. I didn’t know that I wanted such an entrenched education on the questions of “human versus transcendental” that I’ve long shared with many others.

I feel that I am ending my education as 2018 has presented it, and that I don’t know that I’ve done well if we are keeping a grade sheet. But how does one judge that, or justify such a judgment to begin with? Being alive is supposed to be easy, and perhaps few are aware of that in the ways that I am - whoever “I” am, to begin or end with.


At this pace, I don’t know that I have much more of the mundane livelihood left in me, to be truthful. But in saying that, where does this leave the next steps as “I” am to walk them? It’s as if I was taken back to my entire four years of high school and walked through them all at the speed of only one calendar year. Music included.

Every part of my mind and body feel exasperated, and yet the merger of my mind-body-spirit feels a sense of completion that didn’t exist before. Interestingly, I have a profound love of living that I’ve never before had, likely not even in other lives if I am seeing them correctly. I love people, I love the dramas we can create - do create so masterfully. I love feeling love of varying types. And somehow I love that I’m ending this calendar year sick; just as I began it.

I’m sharing this with you here - a surrender. I’m asking the Universe to guide me out of this at this time and into whatever it is I came to “be”. It is doubtful to be just human, based off of the ways I connect with Universal flow and Truth. And the radar holds a journey to the one place I’ve long felt a need to be in but always get so close to but so far away from: India. Only this time, I really don’t desire to go.

Probably because the shift it is going to bring me, based off of my visions in dreamland this past week, is the answer I’ve sought: how to merge Human and Heaven. In one body-mind-spirit. How to be it All, and to not be straddling one side of the fence to the dismay of the other. I’ve really faced this year the dissent I’ve always had for the Divine, right from January forward and then played back to me through so many people.

As well, I’ve faced the condemnation of the human I’ve had my entire life, by participating in it so deeply again - only vaguely knowing “Me” of the Divine nature. I have felt so lost, my friends, this entire calendar year. Yet - I’ve been gifted so much magic and clear signs of my True Self. I can’t deny this, from even the most sorrowful of places. That is a huge gain, in terms of evolution from Divine Energy to Human Form to recollection of the Divine Self from within the Human Form.


Here and now, in the continuum humans call time and space, I surrender to the flow intended. I surrender the former hatred of human and humans that I long carried as some act of perceived divine nobility: because no real Master would anything but love deeply every minute, dramatic aspect of this thing called Life.

I also surrender the former disdain for the Divine, from a place of self-hatred due to feeling lost….dualistic. In short, my friends, I surrender to you all my duality. You may have it and do with it what you wish…what humans always do with duality. The same things I have always done with duality. Love/Hate. It is all yours. And if you do not want it? Join me in going into non-duality, where everything is bright and amazing and filled with mirth of the Masters.

I give over the “knowing” I so long felt I had, and open myself to receiving Presence. Just being. Whatever that may mean. And if I am to remain in the body, from this moment forward I call in all the magic that I was only scratching the surface of this past year. Unlimited abundance of partners, money, play, happiness, travel…all of it. I call in Me - the Divine “Me” - that came to show the full evolution from human to Master.

I am here, and I am bowing deeply to you the reader and to you who will never see this. I bow to Me. I bow to Us. And I bow to Life and the Living. I Am Namaste. And I offer it to you, and to the Universe, and to the New we are all creating wherein suffering no longer is the “Way”.

Thank you for being part of my journey. And like a rocket sheds its boosters so it can fly, I am shedding all that launched me into Me, yet not forgetting nor regretting nor dishonoring the fires that lit my departure.

Let’s Play a Game.


In Love

Melmin - Wind

The # ONE Killer of Ego; And the Award Goes to...



Can you believe it…is it really possible that Joy and Play are the conjoined twins of the death of Ego?

It’s not as black and white as that, necessarily. Yet the truth is actually as fundamental as being joyful and playful; this little concoction from the RIGHT Energy within creates the deadliest weapons against the threats of the world, down to our spat with our neighbors.

I won’t walk us through the long journey of what is play, what is not play, and how is play/joy accomplished in a way to crush the ego and be set free. Why would I do that, when I know that the very plague of the mind is thinking? Because thoughts are formed from mostly conditioning, and we all have different barometers for our life stories as we experience them at this moment and all moments.

But I’ll challenge you at this very juncture to look back at one time when you’ve noticed that doing something so blissful evaporated the need to think. Or to recall when sharing a laugh or cry with anyone reset the climate to kindness and compassion. It’s not too hard to notice how Ego, that ever-present nemesis of being aligned with anyone…everyone…took a back seat to the presence of just being happy. Or even just Being.

If you’re having a hard time recalling this kind of moment, perhaps you’ve decided to undertake a life of pure drama. And that is changeable for us all, I assure you. Don’t believe me? Turn to a TED Talk or two.

Further, I then wrote a book of my own dramas - Follies of an Awakening Fool - in 2013 as I was purging my old stories. For some, a lot of awakening took place just from reading this candid journey of awakening. For others, there lies the knowledge that there was so much more to be understood, and are awaiting the sequel.

Except that I am LIVING the sequel.

The joy and the play are not easy for us to achieve, on levels that set Ego ablaze! The closest we have to that reality is in our early childhood, and even then many of us have had that hope crushed right from the gate.

But that’s not what we came to live in as permanent stories! We did, however, come to experience them. And to grow through them…to find our way back to bliss, joy, and play!

In this dawning of the new era, none of us came to be stuck in suffering old world ways. Not one of us. We have now realized that we have choice in every aspect of our lives, and that is a Universal Consciousness shared into all of our DNA…our cosmic wiring. Thus, play and joy are not just optional now; they are expected!

The only catch is that it is choice. Which means not a single energy is going to come from the sky and fix our inner happiness. It is an inside job. Nobody will give us the definitive permission slip to stop hiding from ourselves; only we alone can free our minds, yes? It’s not just a prophetic message for the future. It is for the NOW.

That said, you gotta start trusting someone or some thing if you’re going to set yourself free. And why not start now? If even in one instance today you allow yourself to choose joy over pain, anger, fear, hate, suffering..even to find it joyful to be able to feel those mindsets…BOOM. A powerful elixir of empowerment sets in!

If you take that to the egoic level, well you didn’t find the joy or play that is transformative yet. But it is there. Trust. And it’s yours to be had.

In Love


What is an Awakening?

For years I’ve been in the energy of the Awakening. For even more years, this thing called Awakening has been a part of the human experience. The most popular figures, in order, have been Krishna, Buddha, then Christ. Of course, there were many before them and have been many since.

Some of us may not have even understood this much!

Many of us have, in a multitude of ways. In 2013, I was a couple of fierce years into my own, spurred on only by Universal Timing: I was not aware of nor cognitively seeking this journey. So I wrote my book, Follies of an Awakening Fool, to share what I at that juncture understood Awakening, Kundalini, Mysticism, Enlightenment, Ascension, and other metaphysical phenomena to be.

I am sharing this message to synergize a few points that each of us can turn to within to see where we are in our own Awakening journey; to be clear, we all are in this journey.

If you read or have read my book, you will find that there are several factors that we can all relate to in our lives and understanding of the world. But in Universal understanding, I was only scratching the surface. And so are many more in the journey. I’m laying out a few things that are common, but also commonly disguised as Universal knowledge while not being anything more than a different perspective of the ego in a clever way to trick itself into “higher” wisdom.

  • Conspiracy theories: Hidden governmental/political agendas to hide information - as in, the “Illumnati”.

  • Money is evil.

  • We’ve been lied to all along; this reality is an Illusion. The Matrix (yes, Illusion. No, not a dramatic war).

  • Spiritual Hierarchies: some of us are wiser and older souls and therefore need to be listened to in order to advance civilization.

  • The sky is falling/we are heading to an Apocalypse.

  • We can be in the 5th Dimension while still filled with anger, entitlement, egoic desires - all disguised as self hate, need for external validation, and telling others what not to do in order to make the world a better place.

  • Some of us are Ascended Masters while others are not; People, animals, the planet in general need us to save it/them.

That is about the extent of the realms I purged in Follies. And that is about the extent every spiritual person I’ve met has reached. Sincerely, this version of “awakening” is indeed a launch from one paradigm into a new for many of us! It’s a powerful elixir to awaken one day and feel tossed into a new understanding that we never allowed ourselves to notice.

So it would be impossible to merely tell this persona how there is more, and how that really isn’t an awakening. Yes, it is jet fuel for more. But the more must come from somewhere different. That list is still mental, though a massive overturning of energies can indeed be effected through the mental planes.

An Awakening of the Cosmic wisdom, however, is almost 180-degrees from each of those items. In fact, a Cosmic Awakening is far more stealthy, like carbon monoxide. It cannot be detected through our 5 senses: thus, supernatural. Metaphysical. A true Cosmic Awakening will rock the core DNA of our sensory experience and start to recalibrate our entire perception of what is and what is not into a very visceral reality.

It’s cutesy to involve ourselves in standing for some kind of change. Very human, indeed. And we are here to be human, no? So why not stand for things to make a change so we can all inhabit this world together? Sure - except there will never be a consensus. Acceptable world ideologies are mere constructs of conditioning.

Tantra Cobra.jpg

A Cosmic Awakening is an entire rewiring of the brain and its overutilized lower needs and wants. This higher awakening is still, in fact, very physiological. It takes us into our higher cortexes. Everything metaphysical is actually quite attainable through our physical allowances, all designed to handle what spirituality calls “higher self”, or “higher frequencies”. It is all contained within our unique human body - no matter what physical attributes we have or do not have.

So, when I talk Awakening I am not talking about the long and boring route to some unseen liberation point 100’s of years away. I am talking about the accession of this Self within moments. And I have proof through my own journey and through holding various sessions for hundreds, or more, people about how literally life-changing and paradigm shifting a Cosmic Awakening is.

Mormon? Atheist? Spiritual? Christian? Muslim? Hindu? Buddhist? Capitalist? Communal?

What I am talking about has no denomination, nor any concern of changing one’s views - only of shifting the way in which we live the realities we wish to. And it TRULY changes the way we operate within our world, which is the most direct approach to “fixing” the world…to “saving” it.

Wherever we are in our journey, there is always more. The only inhibitor? Fear of being wrong. Fear of being not seen for what we feel we’ve amassed in our life experience. Fear of this or that. So the only thing we have to give up to gain a Cosmic Awakening? Ego…the part of us that decides to view the world as we currently do, in order to understand things as they really are.

And then? We can still be what we wish! It will just become cleaner: because we will less and less be telling others what to do and what not to do, which is the largest distraction to our own growth. When we see what we do not like in the world, we cannot move beyond it. We are stuck like a deer in headlights.

So let me share with you that you can move forward. How? You have to come to One who has gone further. Me? Maybe. But do not be deceived by your ego and its desires for the world to look a certain way: That is a misnomer. It will not change to fit your egoic wants. It will only become what It is to be - you and I are just mere participants. When we agree to surrender our hopes, that’s when the All can enter. And only then.

And that knowledge is a long journey from Follies of an Awakening Fool. Yet, Follies set the stage for the knowledge. It's so intricate 🔥 

In Love


Playing with Intolerance

I have a deep intolerance - and it is only one intolerance that I carry: for intolerance itself. That’s funny, right? It is, and I readily own and accept that even in intolerance I have an intolerance for myself!

But I’ll explain this.

My intolerance is not for a human, or a group of humans. It is for the act of intolerance itself. The energy of stupidity that we can operate from in this illusory form is absurdity at its finest, and we can all point outward towards examples in others to agree.

YET - I haven’t met the Enlightened One who will point that finger right where it belongs: within. And so we carry on, telling the world it should do this and shouldn’t do that, yet not a single recognition that what we are telling the world to eradicate lies within our very own temple…that to stop seeing it in the world, we must actually see that change within.

Isn’t that the definition of insanity, my friend? And YOU are as guilty as I or any other. Yes, even the Dalai Lama.

Because Enlightenment is the full realization that nothing in the world needs to change. And truly, not a single thing in the world does need to change for me to be supremely happy; to be supremely Me. In this, I find my own intolerance of intolerance delightfully annoying.

I cannot fix a thing in the world, and the more of the Universe I recall within, the more I realize on visceral levels that I am but an amateur in this human form. True, my knowledge is Supreme and far more vast than any I’ve yet encountered - but that may be more to my demise than to my aid.

Because ignorance in many ways is more blissful than TRUE Knowledge. Because TRUE Knowledge advises us that nothing will change, and if we wish to be more and more blissful it is only Us who needs to seek to change. That’s pretty fucked, isn’t it?

So while the spiritual pricks - of which you likely are one - will tell me how enlightened they/You are, and how much I am in my ego and know nothing of Truth, I have the Truth and am left to sit and lovingly embrace you in your full ignorance. You will tell me how I need to change, and the meat-eaters need to change, and the peace hippies need to change…and how you have all the answers.

And here I Am - Truth incarnate. Here to listen to you spout off about your self-proclaimed enlightenment and so-called AWAKE state. As if either can really exist! You are the joke!

Do you know what Enlightenment really is? Do you, truly? Tell me, enlighten me, let me know how awesome you are and how you are the only one. I will listen. I will hear how you personally held space for someone who thought they knew something but it was you and your fear/anger-based reality that actually knew better. Yes, how could I have not seen You, the One!

If I had one message to the world it would be that you are just a human seeking externally for validation that you will never find, because you seek to do no work on yourself because you have already realized your awesomeness; and I will watch as you ridicule every person who cannot see you.

Yet, cannot this also apply to me? Cannot you also point this very message to me and try to hold me accountable for my words? Absolutely!

There are many ways to experience the God Self, the very seed of All within our own inner world. The most direct is to be able to look around and see what is being reflected to us in our daily lives; in our moment-by-moment experiences. If we love what we see at each moment, we likely have found a deep inner peace. If we are intolerant at even one thing, let alone many things, then it is we who need to look within. Because each moment can look exactly the same but totally different depending upon our internal lenses.

So when I address this, I see that I am not even intolerant. Intolerance suggests that I cannot live with what I see or experience. And I can, with the most mundane and hateful of energies. Why? Because my Self Love is supreme. Which means my Love for all is equally Supreme. And therefore I AM All. Including the Energies of intolerance, which only serve to ignite my Fire further for Self Knowing…which is actually Self Unknowing. But you would know this if you really were The One, wouldn’t you?

Yo Shiva

I just came across something I'd shared one year ago this week. I was a few short weeks into a fiery hiatus from the transcendental world I'd fallen deeply into; I was feeling very "human" again.

This is something to share because there is a multi-layered "reality" in our Universe that captures even the most cunning of minds: a "reality" of Illusion. 

I needed to break from my floating outside the physical human game in order to dive back in and discover what I'd been missing in the ability to communicate... To bridge the gap of communication between "Heaven" and Earth. 

We have a tendency to pick one or the other, and almost always purport that we are where we actually are not. 

At the time my approach was pure solar: direct Light shined into one who would come seeking more within. The journey since has revealed an uncovered realm of grieving and Emotionality that I'd not realized in my own Inner work. 

Now, one year later, a more lunar Connection is open in my essence. I can relate to human fears and Emotions like never before. Yet, people still receive the exact same Energy from being near "Me".

The transitions from my own human self into the Divine Self have been rigorous and filled with dramas, traumas, and unfulfilled dreams. As much as any, I've felt hard failures and repeated frustrations. Yet, the Way through has taken over and each perceived dead-end now is a portal to a newer version of "Me". 

Many try to emulate but really why? That's just setting ourselves up for an even harder blow to the ego. 

It's impossible to bypass the journey. In our times, there is only evolution of the ego. And if you're in my Presence, that ego is going to take a beating - even if all I do is smile at you.

Read below if you feel called. And remember that we all cross each other's paths at the right time for specific reasons. What we do with our intersection remains choice - for now.

From an anonymous person I've helped over the years - and she me, of course. Addressed "Yo Shiva". It came on the same day another person addressed me the same way under similar circumstances. I get it. It's hard to have "you" destructed. I get it.

"So here's a realization I had today. I think you must get a LOT of people projecting their shit onto you. These people include me at times. You mirror something that is and uncontrolled, that it can freak people out. And I know that just by being you, you really change people's lives. It's like seeing someone who pushes boundaries makes people think, "I can do that too." Even though I consider you my friend more than my teacher now, you are still a teacher to me, just by being you. There always comes a time, after the feeling of resistance, that I finally understand, and then I just feel really really grateful. I understand now why you're so clear and unapologetic about your unattachedness to the opinions/encouragement/discouragement etc of others, because you have to be! You play an intense mirror role and get a lot of noise for it. But of course you can handle it.

Thanks for being you, Wind. Seriously. I owe you one 🙏🏼 Which I can only return by being totally me! Which I'm working on. Getting there 😊"


Emotionality: A Key to Balancing Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine



We are all Dolphins in a Pod

~Melmin the Sorcerer

Emotions are a fascinating part of the human journey. On one hand we are Sentient Beings, on the other we are Cosmic Beings - far greater than any emotion can capture.

Transcendence is multifaceted - and for some of us transcending the human experience is easy by way of sailing right through them, and for others transcending is going through the fires of the human element; into the blazes of emotions in order to rise as a Phoenix through its ashes.


However we choose, or have chosen to before incarnation, the larger point is to remain the observer. We do not have to have an immediate understanding of what we are going through, or why. The real nectar of the journey is in embracing what we are experiencing.


  *There is nothing more special about embellishing in emotions than not, nor about resisting them more than allowing them. But love and acceptance of our ability to go into their fires as much as to transcend them is a perfect balance whose formula is unique to each.*


This Fall Equinox of 2018 is not the first time I have undergone deeply intense emotional fires. It is, however, unique in that the emotions are directly from the place within that has not yet fully balanced the polarity of my Sacred Feminine with my Sacred Masculine.

And that balance of polarities is what the evolution of our Self from individual to OneNess - to Creator - is requiring for those whom have made the commitment to rise from mere Earth Angel to Ascended Master.

How do we know if we’ve chosen this journey? By allowing the flow to run through us rather than resisting what is and what comes. Because we have ALL chosen to evolve through this journey; the rest is simply Choice at each moment.

Kundalini is the Sanskrit word for this Sacred Fire rising within. But it doesn’t have to be the word we use to define the journey from human to meeting our Higher, Divine Selves while still in a body. We also do not have to identify with Tantra, with Shiva, or Shakti…or anything aside from our own unique belief systems.

What we do have to trust is in our innate ability to navigate through what feels like Hell and into the realms of Mastery. We cannot project what that is, or that we have “arrived” at any place of Being. Instead, through observation and allowance we continue to be in the flow of Awakening…of Ascension.

I offer many services, some of which are listed here. These are guided to me through many Divine Channels as direct ways to reach our Higher Selves. And because I am to hold that space, there is no stone unturned in my own journey of understanding all paths to transcendence. Which means that I, too, must intimately know all pains and sufferings in their fullest intensities.

And I must say: The emotionality is real. Yet, it is also a grand illusion. We do not need to suffer. We only need to go deeper into our True Heart Space and merge with our Higher Self. This is OneNess. This is where True Creation begins.

In Love


Uniting the World in OneNess


"Wind is here for us, bearing the gift of Sight

to See and Know the boundaries that drown out our Light.

Channeling Energy from The Divine Itself,

his hands are his medium, diligently easing our fight and stealth.


From Veterans to doctors to lawyers and more

Wind identifies blockages of fear, restraint and gore

he shows us the tools to transform ourselves inside

our once felt barriers now allow us to soar and feel alive.


New heights can be achieved – as far as you want to go

Wind creates the space and allows you to grow

bringing Fire, Water, or whatever elements you may need

to align chakras and ignite your Magic, so you too will Know and See.


Wind is filled with Magic, Truth, Understanding, and Heart

Energy movement is his Mastery – a beautiful work of pure Art

His goal is to unite the World in OneNess

whereas connecting you to Your Highest Self is the start of that abundance."

~Taylor Ann Hammer, 2018


I have spent days, months...years... in the journey of Self Discovery. It wasn't a cognitive choice, to pursue this understanding. The Universe guided and I listened. I still listen, because the mind is always trying to entice the "norm".

Whatever it is that causes us pain, suffering, confusion, homesickness - I understand it all. I've walked those fires through and through. Always the sum returns to one solution: Kindness and Unity. 

We have many choices in this experience of human, and they are all amazing. In the end/beginning, the choice of Kindness and OneNess are the solution to whatever the question.

Eckhart Tolle says "Without a Master you are only suffering". I say without true Self understanding, you are just having a human experience; You are always the Master.

Choices...I help you find the ones that you cannot quite find in your immediate reach, but that are always there right in front of you. Please book a starter session with me here and let's see where it leads.



​Taking Tantra to Transcendence

How do we go further than has been done previously? Tantra, or Kaula to be more specific, has to take the journey through the Heart.

We've tried this many times through many ways in the world to date, but always fall short of the Big Bang. Why?

I'll throw a few mystical insights at you here to invite your mind further... It's up to you whether you bite. This, however, is the ultimate game-changer.