I am the author of my memoir, 'Follies of an Awakening Fool', as told through Melmin. My background is of 20+ years Navy, a Bachelor's in Psychology, and graduate studies in Non-Profit Management and Public Affairs. I have facilitated directly hundreds of career enhancing and life-changing experiences, most of which have been award-winning and often life-saving.

My inner journey led me to Amazonian shamanic practices, channeling, kundalini activation (Shaktipat), light body and tantric sexuality/whole system energy transmissions. I am also adept with elemental, angelic, and starseed-based energies.

I AM a Tantrik. I have also completed two yoga teacher trainings of Tantra and Kundalini Energies.

Very few are capable of providing guidance from all dimensions: earthly and multidimensionally. This is my life work, and I’ve spent years understanding the vast realms that influence our human and higher self realities.

 What’s in it for you?

Everything is Energy.

My work is direct. I can help guide you to your core, with a variety of modalities. In a session generally I connect to your energy and receive an appropriate amount of information based on your life purpose and life work, and where you are in the process of that. Blockages are our signs that we’re not able to see something in ourselves that is limiting our happiness or our usual expectation of “normal” capabilities.

When we look at those together, you’re able to see for yourself what is happening and how to work through, quickly. It’s really genius and effective, and all we have to do is set up a few steps for you to work with and in no time you’re moving into a cleaner presence in your life!