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"What the Heck Happened to My Body During Reiki?"


"Six months ago, when I walked into my first reiki appointment... I didn’t really know what to expect. The spa’s description spoke vaguely about healing and relaxation; I thought I’d paid for a massage. What I got was one of the strangest experiences of my life: an hour in which my practitioner waved his hands over me and blew smoke across my body, to which my body responded with warm tingling in my arms and hands, mysterious pressure on my chest, and uncontrollable tremors in my legs. It was unexpected, a little scary, and definitely not relaxing..."

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“When you agree to a session with Wind, know that you are ready for deep shifts, his energy work brings the force of a gale wind to small embers igniting a firestorm within. I have had my mind blown with physical healing manifesting just hours after a long-distance healing session in which he cleared out a block in my womb-space.

His connection to magic and cosmic energies enable him to see your own true blueprint and guide you to your own mastery. He never fails to challenge my mental boundaries consistently seeing where I am on my journey just a few steps ahead of me arriving.

He has been through the work and drags us through to the other side with heated compassion. Step into a space with him and be prepared to burn through illusions.”

~Helen Dixon, UK

An amazing opportunity came up for me to work with Wind and I am so grateful that I took it. Each session with Wind felt safe. He holds space in a loving way.

After each session, I felt alot of blocks that were released that I didn’t realize were there. After 4 sessions with him, I feel as if I am going through a huge transformation. New feelings are coming up, new energies are emerging and I just feel new and improved.

I would totally recommend Wind to anyone who wants to go deep within themself while he guides you and provides the space that you need to do so.

I hope the opportunity to work with him in the future comes my way again.
— Nadine. Los Angeles

"I served in the Marine Corps for eight years, did four combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve been dealing with PTSD, anger, and anxiety as a regular part of my day. Knowing that Melmin had experience in the military really alleviated fears and doubts I had going to meet him to try this type of holistic healing.

Melmin understands each individuals needs, and has a different approach for each one.

The space he creates is one where I could come and meet myself without any pretense hanging over my head. I came there expecting a certain explosive experience. The experience was not at all what I had expected it to be. It was something so easy, as simple as turning on a light switch and seeing a darkened room light up for the first time. There was nothing shocking about it, just kindness, love and peace. The experiences and lessons learned that weekend still reverberate in my life today."

- Enrique Escobedo, Los Angeles CA

"I once had the opportunity to help Melmin along his physical journey. More recently, he helped me through my metaphysical journey.

Melmin provided excellent insight and advice while I was working through a blockage. I experienced significant advancements in my being but wasn't fully aware of them until Melmin induced questions that brought them to my conscious awareness, thereby allowing me to fully realize my experience.

It would not have been the same without the guidance of Melmin."

- Simon Rook, Dallas TX (USMC Veteran)

Wind is a powerful healer and teacher. He has knowledge far beyond his human years. His retreats are particularly energizing and insightful. I feel honored to have been able to learn from him and work with him
— Lanna C., Denver CO

"I decided to take a weekend retreat to the mountains of Idaho to reconnect and rediscover myself. With such expectations one would be cautious to have them not filled, but this retreat went above and beyond what I could have imagined.

Wind provided a beautiful and peaceful environment, nestled in the natural beauty of the Idaho mountains and lakes. We practiced yoga, meditated, and on the second day partook in a San Pedro ceremony led by Wind.

Along with the ceremony, Wind also did an energy healing/reading, which I felt from the core of every cell in my body. The San Pedro experience was beautiful, but more importantly, the company, energy, and peaceful passion that exudes from Wind is what made this weekend retreat one of a kind.

I explained to my friend that taking San Pedro is an opportunity to delve into the dimensions of this earth that we can’t see with our 3rd dimensional eyes and thinking. Having Wind there to guide you and talk through the experience is priceless.

The conversations with the other people in the ceremony and retreat was equally fantastic. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get in touch with themselves and truly discover their intentions to give yourself the gift of a weekend retreat with Wind."

- Dianna Prado, Los Angeles CA

I’ve really never met anyone like Wind, who perceives energy the way that he is able to with such clarity. Wind will SEE you. Sometimes this feels scary or vulnerable, and other times it is so welcome, but it is always liberating. 

Doing work with him can be transformative on a quantum level. You will leave a different person than you were when you entered: you will be more You. I highly recommend working with Wind, in all capacities.

- Allison Holley

Santa Fe, NM



Wind's book, Follies of an Awakening Fool, is his first-hand account of the awakening process and all the foibles and follies that ensue in the midst of shifting consciousness.

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